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Screened Porch Chalk...


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The Judd's have a song called "Flies on the Butter". I know its a strange title but the song is about summer childhood memories at Grandma's--great song!! Summer bugs and no air conditioning made screened porches and screen doors ESSENTIAL! My Aunt Nette's house, in the east Texas woods, had a great sleeping porch and that was about the only place, as a child, I would ever willingly take a nap!
"Old tin roof, leaves in the gutter,
A hole in the screen door big as your fist,
And flies on the butter"
Here's to childhood memories!

Christi's Chalk Finish Paint is a latex based paint with NO VOC's that contains chalk in its makeup. The results? A BEAUTIFUL, soft, velvety finish that is great for MANY applications including:
It sticks to almost everything, requires little to no surface preparation, is great for furniture, and even for those little craft projects.
Wax the paint with our paste wax for a durable finish, or leave it soft for a fun shabby look.


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