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Mustang Grape Chalk...



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I was 1 of 2 granddaughters on my Daddy's side of the family. I had 2 Uncles that were as much fathers to me as my Dad was. They both cried at my wedding!! My Uncle David collected American history items, built things, smoked pipes and told GREAT stories. He was a bit of a family rebel too...our good old Southern Baptist family was completely tea totallin'...except for Uncle David. I'll never forget the time he brought out his first batch of Mustang Grape wine he made himself. I was CERTAIN we'd all be struck by lighting! Well, we weren't. No one fussed and not one family member made a big deal out of it and today there's even a group of us that enjoy a glass of wine on occasion! I miss you Uncle David...wish I still had a bottle of your Mustang Grape Wine!

Christi's Chalk Finish Paint is a latex based paint with NO VOC's that contains chalk in its makeup. The results? A BEAUTIFUL, soft, velvety finish that is great for MANY applications including:
It sticks to almost everything, requires little to no surface preparation, is great for furniture, and even for those little craft projects.
Wax the paint with our paste wax for a durable finish, or leave it soft for a fun shabby look.


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