Law Dog Chalk Finish Paint, Pint

Law Dog Chalk...



Product Description

Any "Tombstone" movie buffs out there!? Well, its one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies! I love the scene where the Clantons are blowing smoke telling the Earps "Law don't go round here, Law Dog"..Yea, right!!! Wyatt and clan were tough cookies!! This color reminds me of the dark times in the old west and the determination and grit it took to succeed....

Christi's Chalk Finish Paint is a latex based paint with NO VOC's that contains chalk in its makeup. The results? A BEAUTIFUL, soft, velvety finish that is great for MANY applications including:
It sticks to almost everything, requires little to no surface preparation, is great for furniture, and even for those little craft projects.
Wax the paint with our paste wax for a durable finish, or leave it soft for a fun shabby look.


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